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Explore the comedic genius of Bill Burr and his unique perspective on life. Get ready to laugh out loud with the best of Bill Burr's stand-up specials and podcast episodes.

Comedy isn't' always supposed to be squeaky clean, but some comedians take it a little too far for some! The most controversial comedians can be some of the funniest!Comedians strive to entertain, but sometimes what they find funny can leave those watching uncomfortable, but at least they're memorable!The most controversial comediansSometimes comedians remind us to take the hardest topics in life and learn to find the humour in them. Take George Carlin, for example. The late comedian often…

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Bill, an American stand-up comedian, and actor, was born in Massachusetts to the family of Robert and Linda Burr. He is recognized for his stand-up shows, most known as Let it Go, Walk Your Way Out, Paper Tiger, and Why Do I Do This. Bill is also a talented writer, as proved by the sitcom […]

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