Big burgers

Indulge in mouthwatering big burgers that are bursting with flavor. Find the best recipes and tips to make your own juicy and satisfying burgers at home.
Clinton Station Diner
Route 173 & Bank St., Clinton Essen, Kos, Adam Richman, Crazy Burger, Big Burger, Man Vs Food, Big Food, Extreme Food, Big Burgers

Gargantuan burgers, served as large as you can handle them. The Atlas is 6 pounds, the Zeus is 15 pounds, the Mount Olympus is 50 pounds and the Eighth Wonder is 105 pounds. The prize: Each burger has different time limits and people allowances. But the prizes speak for themselves. Collect $500 for finishing Zeus, $1,000 for the Mount Olympus and $5,000 for the Eighth Wonder.

The Extreme Chef