Bent wood

Explore unique and stylish bent wood ideas to add a touch of elegance and natural beauty to your home decor. Discover how this versatile material can transform your space.
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BENDING PLYWOOD Do not be intimidated by curved or radius furniture/cabinetry. Bending Plywood or flexible board is designed to flex to take the shape of almost any curved contour. Bending plywood's ability to bend in long-grain or cross-grain directions makes it a versatile panel for complex shaped designs. BENDING PLYWOOD APPLICATIONS On the job site, radius

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One viewer asked how to bend the wood for garden arches. The reality is that most walkway arches are not bent wood, but wood glued together and cut out to the curve. But you can bend wood.If you really want to bend thick pieces of wood, that is usually done by steaming it first. You could take a long piece of PVC pipe, close off one end and fill it with hot water to soak wood and get some bend out of it. Of course different wood bends differently, oak probably being one of the best for…

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About Selene, in Greek, means the moon, is a dining table crafted by bending solid Ash wood. The studio tried to mimic the design elements of nature. All the forms at the base are genteelly twisting and turning into each other while holding up the tabletop. The 8 seat dining table, Selene, is fit for creating a grand impression and adding flavor to your space. At the studio the designers have experimented with this technique for quite a while and have gradually increased the scope of their…

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