Beatles dolls

Explore a wide selection of unique Beatles dolls to complete your fan collection. From classic to limited edition, find the perfect doll to celebrate the iconic band.
animated beatles resin figurines (1978) | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Fimo, Music, Animation, Toys, Beatles, Crafts, Beatles Christmas, Beatles Dolls, Beatles Cartoon

Long before McFarlane Toys did their versions, there was a set of four resin figurines based on the design from the 1965 TVC animated series. I've heard that these were sculpted by Kent Melton, but I've never been able to confirm it. I bought these for about $70 at a Beatles convention in Liverpool (I also went there to see the re-release premiere of Yellow Submarine, just before it re-emerged on DVD). If you've never been to a Beatles convention, I highly recommend it - as someone who grew…

Juan Manuel Pignataro