Battle dress

Discover the latest trends and styles in battle dress to create a unique and fashionable look. Find inspiration and tips on how to rock this iconic military-inspired attire.
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When I was ten my mother had to sign documents at the library allowing me to check out adult books. I read voraciously ... still do. I started reading romances when I was eleven. I used to babysit for a lawyer a few houses down. He had the entire collection of Ian Flemming's 007 series.

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larp costume suitable for a fighting sorceress who does not want to give up her femininity with style and practicality. the dress consists of an adjustable top with back weave in order to wrap the figure, battle skirt with wide multi-layer slits Detachable sleeves and hood Bolero with Korean collar the costume is made in two colors, with various range of combinations, contrasting trimmings embroidered in silk excellent cotton fabric, breathable and durable Changes can be made on request. You…

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