Basketball strength training

Enhance your basketball skills and performance with these effective strength training exercises. Discover the best workouts to improve your strength, power, and agility on the court.
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Basketball season gets back into full swing this month. To celebrate, October’s Workout of the Month is all about helping you improve your conditioning on the court. This workout focuses on developing aerobic endurance and also mixes in strength training and agility, honing in on the muscles used the most when playing ball – legs, shoulders, chest, and core – to make you the go-to person on your squad.

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Don’t have a lot of space to work on your ball handling? Well, here’s a solution for you –the Steph Curry Ball Handling Workout: Home Edition. TL;DR: To have handles like Steph Curry, you have to d…

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I recently wrote an article about basketball strength training for newbies. Many loyal readers liked it, but some of you asked me for something a little more advanced than a bunch of body weight exercises. My response to these youngsters went something like this: I know you want to do heavy...