Bamboo bicycle

Experience the eco-friendly and stylish world of bamboo bicycles. Explore top designs and learn why bamboo is the ideal material for a sustainable and smooth ride.
Growing nearly three feet in a single day, bamboo is a super-sustainable, renewable resource that is far more versatile than you might think. Not only is i Tandem, Madera, Copake, Manualidades, Eco Friendly Living, Bamboo, Artesanato, Bamboo Furniture, Bamboo Diy

Magistral Cabinet (images via: sebastian errazuriz) This sculptural magistral cabinet facade was created with an astonishing 80,000 bamboo skewers. A work of art by Sebastian Errazuriz, ‘Magistral Cabinet’ took 12 carpenters 6 weeks to complete. Each individual skewer was hammered into the wooden base of the cabinet. Bikes & Bike Trailers (images via: auctionflex, practical […]

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