Baking packaging

Elevate your baked goods with unique and eye-catching packaging. Discover top ideas for baking packaging that will make your treats irresistible and leave a lasting impression on your customers.
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Want a REALLY cute idea for wrapping up treats for celebrations, picnics, or food gifts? I'm just loving how easy it is to take a cupcake liner (or cupcake wrapper - whatever you want to call it) and add a little bit of creative fun to any dessert presentation. The liners provide an easy way to add a quick splash of color AND they make it convenient to "grab and go" - so they are perfect for dessert tables, bake sales and just keeping your treats separated when packaging them up as a gift…

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About this item Bag: Plastic translucent bag with black dot decoration. This bag is a flat bag without self-adhesive sealing function. Sticker: Black paper with a golden pattern. Packing: 100 bags, 100 stickers with hearts of gold on black background. Does not contain any other decorative items. Uses: Suitable for packaging homemade biscuits, candy, cakes, chocolate, snacks, doughnuts, etc. Also suitable for packaging small gifts and accessories. It is the best choice for gift and baking…