Backstrap loom

Discover the art of backstrap loom weaving and create stunning textiles with these top ideas. Learn how to master this ancient technique and bring your creativity to life.
A Different Space: Discontinuous Warps (for warp-faced weavings on Backstrap Looms) Back Strap, Highlands, San Andres, Backstrap Loom, Woven, Strap, Mexican, Loom, Wrap

I learned to make a Discontinuous Warp the other day. Now all I have to do is learn how to finish weaving it.... (caught the flu somewhere in there and missed the lesson on how to completely weave something). I'll get there though. It's still really strange, this idea that the weavers here often weave all the way to the end of their warps. That's just unheard of on floor looms, and I've still never done it before, even though I've been here since the end of August (and the belt looms don't…

Lisa Stockebrand