Baby shower menu

Plan the perfect baby shower with a delicious menu that will impress your guests. Discover a variety of mouthwatering dishes and treats to make your celebration truly special.
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4 different baby shower menus for creating a super tasty party! Baby shower food that will please the guests and keep everyone happy. Part 4 in a series for creating the perfect diy baby shower. Baby shower menu ideas for a diy party.

Julie Carlson

You're looking for baby shower food ideas because you're planning a baby shower. Wonderful! But seriously, what do you serve? Well, that depends on the type of baby shower you are hosting. If you are having a sit-down baby shower, you would serve plated meals. However, the trend has very strongly moved towards baby shower finger foods, which is why this post is all about finger foods for your baby shower. Why? Because serving tasty finger foods can be cheap, definitely low-stress, and a…

Mesha Bullard
21 Baby Shower Food Ideas {Brunch and Lunch!} - What Mommy Does Baby Showers, Dessert, Brunch, Baby Shower Foods, Baby Shower Food For Girl, Baby Shower Lunch, Fun Baby Shower Food Ideas, Baby Shower Recipes, Baby Shower Food List

When you're planning a baby shower, the most important thing aside from Mommy, the new baby, and the baby shower theme is the food. To keep the guests happy, the food needs to be fantastic. So, if yours is an afternoon baby shower (or a lunch hour shower at work), brunch or lunch foods are ideal. Plus, the foods are so much more fun than the typical baby shower fare. From delicious breakfast items like mini pancakes, scones, and muffins, to easy appetizers like mini quiches, caprese skewers…