Baby milestone book

Create a lasting memory of your baby's milestones with a personalized milestone book. Discover the perfect way to document and treasure every precious moment of your little one's journey.
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Before my first daughter was born, I spent a really long time searching for a classic baby book to document all of her milestones in. I wanted something that's style would be simple and would stand the test of time. Everything that I found was loud and splattered with cartoonish characters, or…


Capture BABY’S ENTIRE JOURNEY from BIRTH TO AGE 5 with our COMPLETE, 120-PAGE gender neutral baby keepsake book for baby girl or boy. COVERING EVERY MAJOR MILESTONE, from birth to baby’s first year through age 5, this EASY-TO-FILL-OUT baby milestone book WON’T OVERWHELM. SPEND JUST 5 MINUTES A WEEK to record every big moment. Or use your baby scrapbook daily and add even more detail. With AMPLE PHOTO ROOM AND “BLANK” SPACE, our baby record book has EVERYTHING YOU NEED to tell your baby’s…

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Milestones You Won't Read About In The Baby Books Newborn Hacks, Baby Journal, Before Baby, Preparing For Baby, Baby Massage, Baby Sleep Problems, Baby Tips, Baby Memories, Baby Development

These are the actual milestones that you won’t read about in the baby books. Have you ever noticed that baby books are filled with predictably adorable milestones for you and your baby? First tooth, sleeping through the night, return to pre-baby weight, first solid food, first word… The cute list of milestones goes on and...

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