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Learn how to decipher and respond to your baby's language cues. Discover effective techniques to bond and connect with your little one through communication.
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A while ago this was going around the Internet and I mentally filed it away as a resource I wanted to pull out when I have an infant again. One month to go! To sum up, there is a woman who has genius in hearing - she has a phonographic memory and is a musical prodigy. As a new mom, she discovered similarities of sounds for when babies had different needs. Priscilla Dunstan has been on Oprah and other TV shows sharing this, and you can watch it here. (This is the longest youtube clip with all…

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Teaching your baby sign language not just makes it easier for them to express their feelings, but also improves their IQ. Learning the baby sign language chart can help you create signs that say "Thank You", "More Food" and "Please."

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