Baby birthday party food

Make your baby's birthday party a delicious affair with these food ideas. From cute snacks to tasty treats, discover the perfect menu to celebrate your little one's special day.
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We all love some good food at a party don't we? Arlo's 1st birthday had a lot of under 2's attending so I thought it would be a good idea for the babies to have their own food table. I made foods which were ideal for tiny hands and also tried to cater for everyone including

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I am sharing with you my daughter’s first birthday party from last year. We decided on an “Our Sunshine” theme with accents of pinks and yellows. Disclaimer: This post may contain…

Victoria Langseth
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It's been a cold and snowy winter wonderland here in Colorado these last few weeks, and I know that's true just about everywhere else as well! And since March is typically our snowiest month, I

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