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Original Austrian Goulash Recipe - Cook Like Czechs

I invite you to the table for a real Austrian goulash! It is cooked and prepared according to an authentic recipe I got from my friend, a native Viennese. About The Recipe You may have heard of the famous Czech beef goulash with dumplings. Czechs love it and can't get enough of it. But our...Read More

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This is a recipe for an authentic Austrian beef goulash. The beef is tender and the gravy is dark, smooth, and thick – the reason why it is also known as ‘Viennese gravy goulash’. The key to get this kind of gravy is to use the right kind of beef (see note below).Prepare in advance:Goulash gets better with time. Prepare the goulash one day or two days in advance to enhance the flavors, to thicken the gravy, and tenderize the beef even further. Reheat the goulash once a day, store it in the…

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