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Discover makeup tips and techniques to enhance the beauty of Asian eyes. Get expert advice on how to create stunning eye makeup looks that will make your eyes pop.
call it even pr team — omeradyn: How I draw skin Part 2: DON”T DRAW... Art Tutorials Drawing, Drawing Techniques, Drawing Tips, Drawing Tutorial, Drawing Stuff, Anatomy Reference, Drawing Reference Poses, Art Reference Photos, Chubby Body Reference Drawing

For the first tutorial on how I draw skin, see the post here. But seriously, I’ve seen too many drawings of Native characters with literal red/pink skin to count so just in case some of you are having...

ArtStation - Epicanthus is a vertical fold, Anatomy For Sculptors Facial Anatomy, Eye Anatomy, Human Anatomy Drawing, Body Anatomy, Anatomy Art, Anatomy Organs, Heart Anatomy, Zbrush Anatomy, Human Anatomy For Artists

"Epicanthus is a vertical fold of skin over the angle of the inner canthus of the eye. It may be slight or marked, covering the canthus and the caruncle. It is a hereditary trait in Asian people and is of no clinical significance. Also called epicanthal fold, epicanthic fold. epicanthal, epicanthic, adj." More infomartion:

Asian-Hooded-Lids--Vertical-Gradient-Method-Of-Eyeshadow-Application_2 Human Reference, Anatomy Reference, Photo Reference, Art Reference Photos, Drawing Reference, Eye Shadow Application, Eye Study, Asian Makeup Looks, Head Anatomy

You know that's not my eye. LOL. A warm welcome to Min, guest eye for today! Wheeeeee wheet!!! Every time Min and I meet up, she will scream at me “WHERE’S MY EYE! WHERE’S MY EYE!”. HAHA. These pictures were taken a good 9 months ago but I’ve always been busy with other projects or...Read More

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