Art bowls

Discover a collection of unique and creative art bowls that will add a touch of elegance to your home decor. Explore top ideas to bring style and sophistication to your space.
Art bowl using tea bag papers, etc.  Kim Henkle ~ LOVE her art! Paper Mache Bowls, Paper Mache Clay, Paper Mache Crafts, Paper Bowls, Fabric Bowls, Paper Vase, Foam Crafts, Tissue Paper, Recycler Diy

I have been on a bowl making spree. I made the forms out of egg cartons that I soaked and pulverized into pulp. The forms were covered with emptied tea bags and paint then other paper, and sometimes drawings or images were added. They have a final coat of paste wax to seal them. These bowls can't hold soup, but I can imagine them holding some of my rock or shell or feather collections. I also made a couple of small bowls To add to my small bowl collection. And my stack of larger bowls is…

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Bowls hold secret powers. They are the perfect shape. They are functional, simple, yet they can hold so much meaning for us. When I was slinging clay around in college, I felt the need to prove something to myself by focusing on making giant clay sculptures. They were funny. And heavy. On the side I […] More

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