April challenge

Take on the April challenge and push yourself to new limits. Discover exciting ideas and tips to stay motivated throughout the month and achieve your goals.
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Edit: Updated and completed prompts are available in a printable version through etsy and an ebook version through amazon as of December 2018. Again thanks to everyone who has been sharing the previous months' journal posts. I'm so glad to hear from those of you who are using these prompts in your own journals. This month, I am happy to share 30 new journal prompts for you to use. Pick a time out of your day to sit down with a hot beverage and spend some time writing. A printable version of…

Kenzie Jae Ryan
10 ways to make it an astounding April Exercises, Abs, At Home Workouts, Nutrition, Fitness Tips, Fitness, Workouts, Workout Challenge, Ideas

-Play an April Fool’s joke on someone. (These are pretty hilarious.) 😉 I’m terrible at most jokes, especially of the April Fool’s variety, so instead I just like to hear about others.’ Let me know if you pranked anyone today 😉 -Focus on your core strength! How about a little core challenge for this month?…

Sammi Rodriguez