Apple cider vinegar deodorant

Discover the benefits of using a natural apple cider vinegar deodorant to stay fresh and odor-free all day long. Try these effective and eco-friendly deodorant ideas for a healthier and more confident you.
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Mama, have your kids read the book Everyone Poops? Perhaps there should be an adult counterpart titled Everyone Sweats. Sweating is how your body regulates temperature. Eliminate unwanted body odors with this 5 ingredient deodorant spray!

Holly Robbins
Discover the best essential oils for deodorant! This handy infographic provides powerful essential oil blends that help prevent and eliminate body odor. These antibacterial blends are perfect for using in homemade deodorant, deodorizing spray, and more. Learn more at and get an easy natural deodorant recipe that works. Includes feminine and masculine fragrance options for women, men, and teens! #essentialoils #deodorant Diy Deodorant Spray Essential Oils, Diy Deodorant Spray, Essential Oil Deodorant, Lilin Aroma, Diy Natural Deodorant, Homemade Deodorant Recipe, Antibacterial Essential Oils, Essential Oil Perfumes Recipes, Deodorant Recipes

Learn how to make your own DIY deodorant spray. This easy homemade recipe really works for smelly armpits! It contains alcohol and antibacterial essential oils to help get rid of body odor naturally.

Sunshine Dalton
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So I was standing in line at the grocery store the other day. My cart full of organic produce and meat for a party I was going to throw. I was channeling my inner earth mama that day as well....

ashley blossom
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Our armpits can hold a lot of junk in them, especially if you use a conventional deodorant, and sometimes this causes bad odor. This simple armpit detox will clear out your armpits. It's ideal for those switching from regular to natural deodorants or for those using natural deodorants without success.

Joanne Meadows