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Step into the past with our collection of vintage antique radios. Rediscover the charm and nostalgia of classic radios with top designs and models from different eras.
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Anachronistic Audio: the Cathedral Radio

Anachronistic Audio: the Cathedral Radio: In the beginning of 2014 I had the amazing experience of being an Artist-in-Residence at the Autodesk/Instructables Pier 9 workshop. During this time, I embarked on an exploration of audio related projects re-imagined in the style of the Medici wor…

Kay Johnson
1937 radio cabinet upcycled into a lighted minibar! Upcycling, Vintage Repurposed Items, Vintage Stereo Cabinet, Antique Radio Cabinet, Vintage Radio Cabinet, Neat Crafts, Radio Antigua, Furniture Flips, Antique Radio

1937 Radio Cabinet Upcycled Into a Lighted Minibar!

1937 Radio Cabinet Upcycled Into a Lighted Minibar!: Pictures from a radio cabinet that I turned into a mini bar for my house. Rain glass front, shelf glass inside is from 1886. I love the art deco/nouveau look that it has, while also being a functional piece. Here's a video of the finished product!