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Explore the intricate details of the human back with these fascinating anatomy facts. Learn about the muscles, bones, and structures that make up this essential part of our body and gain a deeper understanding of how it functions.
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How to Draw the Human Back, a Step-by-Step Construction Guide

If I can teach you one thing about how to draw the back of a person, it’s that it’s absolutely crucial to understand the position of the scapula bones (shoulder blades) as they sit on the rib cage and glide around it. Especially when reaching out with your arms, the scapula could slide as far … How to Draw the Human Back, a Step-by-Step Construction Guide Read more

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When comparing female anatomy to male anatomy, the first thing you'll notice is that her lats don't give her that wide-back look. Also, her traps aren't an accentuated muscle group because she needs a long, supple neck to retain her femininity. Never draw her external obliques as separate muscles, as they appear on a man; there's no "bump out" of the obliques. And, she has wide hips and full, muscular thighs. Also, square-not drooping-shoulders are a feminine look. P.S. The material is taken…

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You can find more info here: - The model that I did for my anatomy master-class for xyzschool back in 2020 The master-class is all about upper limb anatomy for artists. It covers the basic forms, proportions, muscles.