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Pressing Forward: the 1966 American Motors Cavalier Prototype | Mac's Motor City Garage Pony Car, Vintage Cars 1950s, American Motors Corporation, Economies Of Scale, Classic Vehicles, American Motors, Motor City, Special Interest, Real Art

Pressing Forward: the 1966 American Motors Cavalier Prototype

Out of sheer necessity, little American Motors was often the most creative of the Motor City carmakers in the 1960s. Here’s another great example: the 1966 AMC Cavalier prototype. As we’ve often said here at Mac’s Motor … Continue reading →

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Rare, never-titled 1979 AMC AMX has gone more than four decades... | Hemmings Motor News Amc Eagle, Muskegon Michigan, 70s Muscle Cars, American Motors Corporation, Jeep Wagoneer, Jeep Cj, American Motors, Aluminum Wheels, Cast Aluminum

Rare, never-titled 1979 AMC AMX has gone more than four decades without leaving its original dealership

In 1979, Bowen-Fischer Motors in Muskegon, Michigan, put two brand-new AMC AMXs on the lot. Amid a sea of Concords, Pacers, Jeep CJ-7s, and Jeep Wagoneers, the Spirit-based AMXs with their wild graphics, flared fenders, cast aluminum wheels, and short but sporty liftback bodystyle were meant to reel...

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This 1971 AMC Ambassador has been barely used at 25,000 miles. It's the top-line Brougham station wagon which is like a Ford Country Squire. #Ambassador, #AMC, #Brougham Chrysler 300 Convertible, Amc Ambassador, Amc Cars, Chrysler Conquest, Chrysler Cordoba, Amc Gremlin, Chrysler Newport, Country Squire, Chrysler Lebaron

Sweet Survivor? 1971 AMC Ambassador

The Ambassador was a premium automobile built by American Motors from 1957 to 1974 over eight generations. Except for 1962-66, it was a full-sized car designed to compete with the top dogs at GM, Ford, and Chrysler. It began during the Nash era of auto-building and continued through Rambler and on to AMC. This 1971...

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The Tarpon concept was almost AMC's Pony Car | The Online Automotive Marketplace | Hemmings

The 1964 American Motors Tarpon concept car is often called AMC’s Mustang could-have-been, but in my opinion, it’s not, really. I think its real place in history is as AMC’s should-have-been Barracuda. Ford’s Mustang is usually referred to as the first “pony car” and it was; the whole pony car segment designation derives from the…