Alpine meadow

Immerse yourself in the beauty of alpine meadows with these stunning ideas. Discover how to create a peaceful and picturesque landscape in your own backyard.
Wild daisies on alpine meadow, Bludenz, Austria  The hills are alive... with the sound of music...  (now that will be stuck in your head all day! You're welcome!) Flora, Floral, Resim, Bunga, Fotos, Pose, Alpen, Swiss, Fotografie

large view looking for a stony mountain landscape my eye got caught on this nice daisy meadow. The meadow was soaked from rain. I feel wet and cold on my feets from low lying working positon. Composing the foreground with flower isn't easy. I captured different arrangements. This one I feel is worth to show here. I like the croped daisy in foreground and the disorder of the flowers which leads the view into the distance.

Debbie Seibel