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The incarnations of Vishnu (Dashavatara) is almost identical to the scientific explanation of the sequence of biological evolution of man and animals. The sequence of avatars starts from an aquatic organism (Matsya), to an amphibian (Kurma), to a land-animal (Varaha), to a humanoid (Narasimha), to a dwarf human (Vamana), to 5 forms of well developed human beings (Parashurama, Rama, Balarama/Buddha, Krishna, Kalki) who showcase an increasing form of complexity (Axe-man, King, Plougher/Sage…

Cortney Fountain
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About this digital print: Perumal is seen in his standing posture, Goddess Lakshmi is showering the money and lord Ganesha giving blessing and Devi Saraswati Playing with Veena, and lastly Murugan With his 2 Wives - Valli & Devyani (Devsena). These bestow of blessings overall prosperity, abundance and success in personal, professional life and business, This is an special series of art work and paintings which makes your wall very beautiful and gives a royal touch. This framed photo…