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Discover a collection of alive quotes that will inspire and motivate you to live life to the fullest. Let these powerful words ignite your inner fire and embrace the beauty of being alive.
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Important Note : This book is a sequel to The Sinner and not a stand alone book. | • | Her love was like an unicorn. Something that he didn't believe in. Something that he didn't want to believe in. It was surreal, just like her. While he, he was someone who didn't even believe in the reality. But she managed to make him believe in her love. And she managed to make him believe in unicorns. He still remembers the depth of her brown eyes, it was a bottomless abyss. He remembers her gentle…

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Your heart is your kindnessYour heart is your healing Your heart is your knowingYour heart is your awarenessYour heart is your expansionYour heart is your compassYour heart is your openingYour heart is your softeningYour heart is your vulnerabilityYour heart is your strengthYour heart is your depthYour heart is your wisdomYour heart is your joyYour heart is your voiceYour heart is your wingsYour heart is your lightYour heart is your hopeYour heart is your warmthYour heart is your doorTo the…