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In 1976, the Apollo 20 mission was launched, which included: William Rutledge, Aleksei Leonov, and Leona Snyder. They managed to land by the ship, get inside, inspect the interior of the ship, and the bodies of the pilots. One of the sources said that they not only examined the bodies but also took the head of one of the bodies with them.

Charlie`s Freddy.
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The Attacker, or officially known as Agile Fighter, is a Harvester fighter craft. Attackers are deployed by City Destroyers, as well as Motherships. The Attacker is a very versatile aircraft. Though their method of propulsion was never elaborated on, it is strongly evident that Attackers have transcended the need for traditional liquid or solid-fuel combustion engines at least while hovering in place, given their lack of the incredible heat and exhaust output necessary to support something…

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