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Inspire creativity and cultural appreciation in kids with these fun and educational African art lesson ideas. Explore different techniques and create beautiful artworks with an African twist.
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Who's having the best year ever? I'd say 5th grade hands down. This year every single project we did in 5th grade was AWESOME. Now, I'm not saying all of the other projects I did with the other grades weren't, but overall in 5th grade everyone enjoyed the projects, learned a lot, and were extremely successful in both the process and final product. Here are links to the projects we did this year: Kandinsky Abstract Painting Lego Self Portrait Abstract vs Realism Still Life Minion Sculpture…

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Mud cloths from the Bamana people in Mali. Art Projects, Design, Artesanato, African Art Projects, Aboriginal Art, Kunst, Africa Art, Mud Cloth, Art For Kids

Bogolanfini (mud cloth) is a traditional art form of the Bamana people from the country of Mali. The traditional way of creating these cloths is to hand weave the cloth and hand dye it with plant juices and mud. When I introduce the art of the mud cloth I point out that for many years it was the women of the Bamana that created this art form. The men did the weaving of the cotton cloth, but the women were and still are, in most cases, responsible for the visual designs. Also, even though the…

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Banyan Tree Art Project Tutorial: A fun art lesson that teaches kids about blending with oil pastels, and about Banyan Trees! Perfect for Upper Elementary (4th and 5th grades) and above!  Click for detailed lesson plans and step by step images. Pre K, Art, Elementary Art, India, Middle School Art, Crafts, Art Projects, Kids Art Projects, Tree Art

Hello friends! It has been a hot minute (9 months) since I’ve posted new content, hasn’t it? I’ll explain my absence further down in this post, but first let me start by sharing a beautiful art project with you that my 5th graders absolutely loved. First, let me say that I did not invent this art project. You’ve probably seen these trees floating around your Pinterest feed if you’ve searched for upper elementary art lessons before. But I’m here to {Read More}

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1st - Jenna Kinder - Izzy Kinder - Kate 1st - Kate 1st - Reese 1st - Liam 1st - Addison 2nd - Lilly 1st - Ella 4th - Sierra My Experiment On Halloween the Los Angeles Zoo received quite a surprise, a baby hippo (despite the fact that mama was on birth control). There are some very cute videos of the two online. I have always wanted to do a hippo lesson, so this was the perfect opportunity. I found this wonderfully detailed illustration by Lori Anzalone for inspiration for my Whimsical Animal…

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Sixth grade results Duration Three 45 minutes lessons Level Fifth/sixth grade Objectives Learning about a different culture Learning about pattern, line and color Learning how to use watercolor pe…

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