Adopting older children

Consider adopting older children and make a positive impact on their lives. Discover the joys and challenges of welcoming an older child into your family and provide them with a loving home.
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When You Say Yes to an Older Child - Grace While We Wait

“What is it like adopting an older child? Should we break birth order? Do you have any words of wisdom for bringing an older child into our home? How will it affect our children?” These are the most asked questions that land in my inbox. And buddy, are they loaded. I never can respond with […]

Jen Hughes
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Foster Care Binder / Adoption Organization + Management Binder . 8.5 x 11 in . Printable . DIGITAL D

We had adopted before. We had therapeutic parent training. We love teenagers. Surely, we would rock at older child adoption. Maybe you weren't nearly as optimistic and naive as us, but chances are that there is a disconnect between your expectations and what you are experiencing. Maybe you are prepping for an older child adoption, [...]

Alex UpChurch
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Older Child Adoption | What I Would Have Done Differently

For various reasons, the three older kids are not living at home. One wants to return, the other two are desperately trying to find their wings so that they can fly the nest for good. With more mental margin than I’ve had in years, I’ve been reflecting over our experience of adopting older kids and [...]

Zsófia Novák
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Adopting an Older Child: preparing the house

Adoption is an interesting and confusing process. It's emotional and heartbreaking long before you ever meet your children. The confusion doesn't go away once you know who your kids are either. If anything, it gets more confusing. I am the type of person that likes to do as much research as possible about parts of my life that have become confusing or challenging. I make lists and methodically prepare for every conceivable situation. Unfortunately for me, there isn't a ton of information out…

Amanda Philpot