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DC Girls vs Marvel A-Force Art Prints

The DC Girls vs Marvel A-Force Art Prints don't actually feature She-Hulk taking on Wonder Woman (unfortunately) because this battle is more of a popularity contest. Will you choose DC Comics, Marvel, or both? Measuring 20" x 30", with each print limited to just 500 pieces, it's up to you to deci

alfredo torres
"The industry's whole audience has changed. We have more female readers and minority readers, and they expect our characters to reflect them. The amount of female-driven titles we've launched that aren't being cancelled, that's a phenomenon in itself...The dialogue of female representation is so hot right now, not just in comics but in general. And that makes us more responsible in how we depict our characters." -Sana Amanat A Force Marvel, Beast Marvel, Female Avengers, Miss Hulk, Secret Avengers, Female Superhero, Young Avengers, New Avengers, Superhero Comics

Exclusive: First Look at Marvel's All-Female Avengers (And the Story Behind Them)

When we talk about female superheroes—how many of them there are, what jobs they're given to do, the way they dress—we're really talking about females, period. Over the last few years, the conversation about how well our girls in the sky are doing and what it means for us down on Earth has reached a fever pitch, thanks in large part to Marvel. They've rolled out a groundbreaking female Thor character, a hugely popular Spider-Gwen series, and a teenage Muslim Ms. Marvel—and today, they're…

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