6 sided granny square crochet

Explore a variety of creative and beautiful 6-sided granny square crochet patterns. Learn how to make stunning hexagonal designs that will add a unique touch to your crochet projects. Start crocheting today and unleash your creativity!
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The Traditional Hexagon Motif is similar to the granny square - one of those patterns for the ages! It's also similar in look to a granny square - but of course, it has 6 sides, and a few other moves that make it unique. Here's how to crochet the Traditional Hexagon Motif! Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links. How to Crochet the Traditional Hexagon Motif - Right Handed How to Crochet the Traditional Hexagon Motif - Left Handed As Seen in this Video (click for more info) Furls…

Misty Milligan