6 months post partum belly

Discover effective exercises and healthy habits to tone your belly 6 months after giving birth. Get back in shape and feel confident in your postpartum body with these expert tips.
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Mommy Tummy Explained: Overhang Vs. The Pooch

There are a lot of changes first-time moms go through in their 4th trimester and one of those changes is the Mommy Tummy. Check this out to see the causes and 4 simple steps to fix the Mommy Pooch. Mommy Tummy Explained: Overhang Vs. The Pooch

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Mum's incredible four-month transformation after giving birth

A mother-of-four has showcased what her body looked like eight weeks postpartum and again four months later to show how 'boring' and simple healthy foods can make a profound difference.

Patty Tiedemann