5th grade art projects

Discover a variety of creative and fun art projects that are perfect for 5th graders. Inspire your child's artistic abilities and encourage them to explore their creativity with these engaging ideas.
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Grade Level Duration 4 classes, 80 minutes Materials Graph paper (buy or make your own online here), acrylic Paint, ghost grid posterboard (Poster board featuring a faint, disappearing grid), square dowel cut down to make a stamp (same size as the grids on the poster board), printer, pencil, palette Media Acrylic Paint Lesson Objectives For […]

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Fifth Grade students studied gesture drawings and the sculptures of George Segal. Students then created their own gesture sculptures showing a specific activity or feeling using aluminum foil. Shadows of the sculptures as well as patterns were added to the base to complete these exciting works of art!

Rebecca Hall
Paste Paper Masterpieces! | Ms. Amsler's Artroom

Paste paper is a surface decorating technique in which a mixture of paint and paste, (in our case, papier mache paste,) is applied thickly to white or colored paper. Patterns and textures can be cr…

Tom Tschumper
Good lesson for texture and pattern, color.  Could be adapted and used for other grades as well.

5th graders thought about the vocab word genre and considered the multiple genres that are used in art history. We created out own still lifes with real cacti and drew them making sure to think about the art element of space and overlapping! We utilized our blending skills and our talents with pattern and balance when designing our patterned pots.

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This is the first project that the 5th graders do at the beginning of the year after reviewing the elements of art. We talk about using obje... Art Lesson Plans, Illustrators, Pre K, Art Lessons, Graffiti, Name Art Projects, Name Art, Handlettering, Illustrations

This is the first project that the 5th graders do at the beginning of the year after reviewing the elements of art. We talk about using objects to create the illusion of letters. A candy cane for a "J" or a lower case "r" for example. We also took a look at some photographers that do this same thing with cropped images. Students had a minimum of 5 letters to work with...a first name, last name, nick-name. We also talked about light and how we can use it to help create a 3-d illusion on a…

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