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Explore a variety of creative and fun art projects that are perfect for 4th grade students. Inspire your child's artistic expression and unleash their imagination with these engaging ideas.
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This week 4th grade is starting their Robin Mead inspired landscapes! She's a contemporary artist from Georgia, and you can check out her work on her website here! I was also inspired by the awesome art teacher, Lauralee Chambers, from her beautiful student examples on Instagram! Here's Robin Mead's Instagram too :) She has a Youtube channel too! Here's how we created ours! Materials: Sax 90 lb paper pencils Sharpies Crayola artista II watercolor Big Kid's Choice Paintbrushes Robin Mead…

Heather Lambert
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Grade Level Duration 4 classes, 80 minutes Materials Graph paper (buy or make your own online here), acrylic Paint, ghost grid posterboard (Poster board featuring a faint, disappearing grid), square dowel cut down to make a stamp (same size as the grids on the poster board), printer, pencil, palette Media Acrylic Paint Lesson Objectives For […]

Nina Sloan
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Next week, after 4th finishes their Aurora Borealis pictures we've been working on, we'll start this rockin' watercolor project! This artwork is inspired by the art of Rebecca Chaperon and the fabulous art teacher Miss Lee. Here's how we'll be creating our own crystals! Materials: Sax 90 lb paper Crayola Artista II watercolors Big Kid's Choice brushes Metallic Sharpies Ticonderoga Pencils We'll be looking at minerals, crystals, and gems, for our inspiration. We'll be using rulers to draw out…

Emily Littlely