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Take a trip down memory lane with these mouth-watering 1980s candy ideas. Indulge in the sweet treats that will transport you back to your childhood. Try these iconic candies and relive the magic!
Always better than Starburst and even had the guts to have an all-Strawberry package.    http://www.flickr.com/photos/jasonliebigstuff/4392932409/ 1980s Candy, 80s Candy, Kickin It Old School, 1980s Childhood, Feeling Nostalgic, Strawberry Fruit, School Memories, 80s Kids, 90s Childhood

I remember Bonkers! though I've never been one to go out of my way for fruit chews. I'll enjoy a Starburst from time to time. Apparently these were quite good. They were around for a few years at least - not sure when they went away. Apparently some other company attempted to bring the Bonkers name back with a fruit chew, but it didn't compare to these classics.

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1980's candy was totally gnarly The 1980's, when everything was so blindingly bright. Neon colours became a cool statement. The fashion seemed completely absurd, to say the least, and the music was made up of overly digitalized sounds. Commercialism was at an all-time high, pop culture was exploding, and the money was

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Who counts how many feelings and memories come up in our minds when we read or hear the word “candy”? Candy from the 1980s felt like a sweet paradise, right? It does not matter how old you are or where you are from, the love for sweet treats unites us all. Continue reading the history of 80s candy and facts on our website.

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