1960s gogo boots

Step back in time with the iconic 1960s gogo boots. Explore the best styles and outfit ideas to add a groovy touch to your wardrobe. Get ready to strut your stuff and embrace the vintage vibe!
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1960s mod fashion seemed to be divided into two parts: the elegant styles developed from the previous years of the 1950s, and the new modern styles popularized by the youth of the decade. Today, I am going to explore these popular styles of the 1960s and show you how to recreate the look with 60s

Paola Estrada
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TV shows like Mad Men made 1960s fashion popular again. Most mainstream fashion today is also heavily inspired by the late 1960s. Knee length swing dresses, shift dresses, Mod colorblock dresses, wiggle dresses, mini skirts, high waist pants and flare jeans are '60s trends that are back in style for women. Learn 1960s fashion history

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