12 inch doll clothes

Dress up your 12 inch dolls in adorable and stylish clothes for endless playtime fun. Explore a wide range of options to create fashionable looks for your mini fashionistas.
Our Nesting Ground: 12" Baby Doll Dress and Bloomers- Free Pattern!

Vera's baby doll was in need of a new outfit, so I made her a dress and set of bloomers. When Vera woke up from her nap, I proudly showed her baby doll's new attire to her. "Vera, look what Mommy made for your baby!" to which she replied "Noooo!"and immediately removed the new dress and tried to put the old worn-out outfit back on. That girl does not like change. Fortunately, she warmed up to the new clothes after a few days and now loves dressing and undressing her doll. This pattern was…