10 grain bread recipe

Bake your own homemade 10 grain bread with this delicious recipe. Discover the perfect combination of grains to create a healthy and flavorful loaf of bread that will satisfy your taste buds.
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NOTE: THIS RECIPE WAS UPDATED & SIMPLIFIED JAN. 2020) This overnight recipe makes for a grainy, chewy loaf with lots of fiber. You’ll need a 5-quart Dutch oven with an oven-proof handle and parchment paper (Reynolds brand is best). BE SURE TO AERATE YOUR FLOUR BEFORE MEASURING. - Jenny Jones

Jan Snodgrass
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I have talked before about my love affair with homemade bread. My very first blog post EVER was a recipe for the bread machine and this pillowy Buttermilk Yeast Bread has been know to send friends and family to their knees when I serve them a slice slathered in butter and honey. It...

Kerry Maxwell