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Goku super sayajin 3

Goku super sayajin 3


Dragon Ball Z - Goku - Planning on making Dragon Ball fan-art myself after seeing this drawing. This artist was amazing!

Logos de marques de voitures.

work: Car Logos inspiration for logo design. car based, not driving lesson based but similar subject matter.


There are very hilarious prank videos that not only brings smile on your face but will make you laugh loud. People do various stupid and naughty pranks for fun.

#BobbyDarin paid $150,000 in 1963 for his "Dream Car" (that's the equivalent of $1,147,789.00 in 2013!). The vehicle was built buy a friend of Bobby's and took seven years to complete.

1960 Bobby Darin - Dream Car, 427 high-performance Ford engine, clothing designer Andrew 'Andy' Di Dia designed it.