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a poem written in black and white with flowers on the bottom right hand corner, above which is an image of lavenders
Feelings occur momentarily
Don't let your feelings define who you are.
an image of a quote about love and life on a white background with the words,'and if you act to love, lovers, the moon loves, it takes no social
Ella Sienna on Instagram: “and if you are to love,⠀ love as the moon loves;⠀ it does not steal the night -⠀ it only unveils the beauty⠀ of the dark.⠀ ⠀ - Isra…”
the words she's lucky damn she worked hard are painted in pink and purple
Natural Life Wallpapers
Wise Words, Wisdom, Wisdom Quotes, Humour, Ethics Quotes
Toxic people may be the cause but just don’t realize it.
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Forest Schooling, Nature Learning, Earthschooling
the words you speak become the house you live in
the real luxurys in life slow mornings freedom to choose a good night's sleep peace of mind calm and boring days people you love
This Girl Cosplays Unexpected Things And Here Are 36 Hilarious Pics
a quote from victoria ericson on the subject of this poem, if you inferently long for something, become first
an old man smiling and holding his hands to his face with a quote above it
Dalai Lama Quote
An inspirational quote from the Dalai Lama from the book he co-authored with Archbishop Desmond Tutu, "The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World".