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17 Reasons to start meditating now. Meditation benefits us in as little as 8 weeks!

Does meditating make you smarter? Meditation benefits your mind and body. It even increases gray matter, combats aging, improves sleep, and so much more. In as little as 8 weeks results science has observed these positive results.

The Best Books and Apps for Breathwork—and Understanding the Mind-Body Connection | Goop

Tried meditation and just couldn’t get your brain to stop working? Breathwork might be better for you. Reduce stress with these tips from expert Josh Trent.

3 Simple Ways To Meditate Everyday

It's Never too Late to Meditate Meditation can sometimes feel like a daunting practice, requiring: alters, cushions, and strong mental discipline. But with these these simple and straight forward practices, you'll be on your way to nirvana. SEE ALSO: 3 Weird Facts About Buddha You Never Knew Breathing Meditation This type of meditation is one of the most basic ones, but its a little more difficult than you might think. Find yourself a quiet spot and make yourself comfortable. Try to get rid…

15 Mindfulness Exercises for Beginners - Spiritually Inspired

Anyone can practice mindfulness in any moment! In this blog post, learn how these 15 mindfulness exercises can improve the quality of your life & spirituality.

9 Unknown Laws Of Mindfulness That Will Change Your Life

While mindfulness has tons of benefits, you need to really keep it up in order to reap the rewards. Here's how.

Meditation: Releasing Reactivity

In this FREE meditation class you will let go of feeling overwhelmed and over-reactive. This meditation weaves Yoga Nidra techniques with calming imagery to rewire the brain from hyperactivity and overthinking (Beta waves) to a deeply restorative state (Theta waves) throughout the mind, body, and spirit. Accessible for all, this meditation is done laying down and can be practiced daily, before bed, or after any asana practice. If practiced daily the benefits multiple to restore physiology…

Meditation for anxiety, How I Finally Quieted My Mind - The Fit Lady

Learn practical and unique ways to quiet your mind it you are struggling with anxiety. How to calm intrusive thoughts and use meditation for anxiety.

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5 Mantras That Will Change Your Life

Sometimes it's easy to get caught in the thick of life and forget we have so much innate power within ourselves. I find that when I'm really down, using a mantra can really lift my spirits and remind me I'm more than just my difficulties. When using these chants, visualize the meaning and words reverberating through your entire body. Focus deeper and deeper, until you feel like the words are almost a part of you. Listen to the videos! They'll help you get the chant down. 1) Om Meaning: Om…

Ancient Meditation Technique for Reaching Higher Consciousness - Strength Essence

Easily reach higher states of consciousness with this ANCIENT MINDFULNESS MEDITATION. Quiet your mind, relax deeper, and cultivate prana (spiritual energy).

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Use These 5 Techniques to Begin Meditating

When people begin meditating, they often struggle because they're holding absense of though, while sitting still, as the expectation.

21 Meditation Tips You Need to Know As a Beginner — Always Well Within

Meditation has changed my life for the better in so many ways. It has helped me become more relaxed, peaceful, loving, and accepting of myself. I’m less inclined to fret about the past or worry about the future. I’m less likely to create suffering for myself and others by engagi

4 Fundamental Meditations to Rewire Your Brain and Improve Your Life

There’s constant talk about meditation having dozens of benefits. From bettering symptoms of depression and anxiety to improving focus.

4K - 3Hr - Montana Mountain Bridge over Creek - 4K Nature Relaxation Video for Sleep + Stress Relief

The nature relaxation asmr ambience is yours alone in 4K - 3Hr - Montana Mountain Bridge over Creek - 4K Nature Relaxation Video for Sleep + Stress Relief which...


Pine Creek Meditation Sounds

I hope you enjoy 4K - 3Hr - Montana Mountain Winter Stream - 4K Nature Relaxation Video for Sleep ans Stress Relief as much as I enjoyed filming it. Sunlight...