CHOMP puzzle book

Could this be a DM/GC project? Beautifully Designed CHOMP Food Chain Puzzle Books by Mirim Seo and Kelly Holohan.


White ceramic cloud and raindrop wall hanging or mobile

White ceramic cloud and raindrop wall hanging or mobile via Etsy. Could see this as a project to support a kinder or first grade weather unit (teacher or helper assembled of course!

Woody the sheep knitting toy from Mama Shelter - beautiful toy, made in France, and perfect for practicing fine motor skills, patience and creativity.

This creative game develops patience and perseverance. The wood texture and the natural wool softness add a tactile quality. Once finished, WOODY becomes a beautiful decorative object, composed from french wooden shape and organic wool from french sheep.

Hand Screen Printed Hedgehog Pillow in Mustard by robinandmould

Meet our newest animal to join the alphabet line-up. a wee Hedgehog! Hes a prickly little critter! Designed and hand screen printed by us on

Great wooden toys

Creative Toys to Stimulate Their Imagination

The Marius, Noah and Adelynn tableware from Bloomingville Mini

Kolekcja Mini by Bloomingville :) Piękne talerzyki, kubeczki i miseczki ze…

Stacking game Wooden balance and stacking toy by mielasiela

Wooden balance and stacking toy - Creative Stacking game - Desk game - Building set - Acrobats

Stacking game - Wooden balance and stacking toy - Balancing puzzle - Creative game - Desk game - Acrobats

Fancy - Animal Wooden Plate

Animal Wooden PlateMade of maple woodNatural paint, high rigidity and durableness.Avoid being kept in microwave oven,disinfection cabinets or exposure under sunlight.


Edificios de juguete con bloques de madera

'El balancín' by Ludus Ludi -

El balancín by Ludus Ludi