Salt and Pepper Zucchini Chips

Salt and Pepper Zucchini Chips! Oh MY Goodness. These zucchini chips are SO good. Full of flavor, and just a little spicy because of the pepper. Amazingly easy to make, too! Would be perfect with a homemade garlic dip. You can make these with a dehydrat

Sugar Cookie Lemon Tarts

Must have tarts! Sugar Cookie Lemon Tarts - I tried with prepared sugar cookie dough & canned pie filling. They were excellent tasting, although the cookie crust was a bit crumbly. I baked them in paper liners in the mini muffin tin.

Lemon Cheesecake | Williams-Sonoma Taste

Lemon Cheesecake

Lemon Cheesecake (Italian-Style) recipe - "Be sure to use whole-milk ricotta for this airy, Italian-style cheesecake, an ideal dessert for the winter holidays. Make it with Meyer lemons for a sweeter flavor, or Lisbon or Eureka lemons for more tartness.

Salt and rosemary crusted potatoes

the food dept.: SALT - the everyday essential ingredient that can make or break your meal.sea salt and rosemary crusted roasted potatoes.

Great Vegetarian Tex-Mex Tacos

Vegetarian Father's Day recipes for the man who nixes bacon.

Lemon Curd Meringues Recipe

Lemon Curd Meringues Light and airy meringues filled with tart and bright lemon curd. The perfect spring time dessert! This would probably be tasty with raspberry curd too.

23 Formas de comer helado que te harán sentir que has desperdiciado tu vida

23 Formas de comer helado que te harán sentir que has desperdiciado tu vida

Individual brownie bowls for ice cream? Fill tins full with brownie mix, bake as directed. Once out of oven, place greased cupcake tin on top of brownies, press together until cool. Fill with ice cream!

Individual Chocolate Souffles Recipe

Mini Chocolate Souffles

Martha Stewart’s Individual Chocolate Souffles Recipe. They bake for just 14 minutes -- pop them in the oven as you're finishing dinner and they'll be perfectly timed for dessert.

Chocolate Espresso Bundt Cake

Foodie photojournal, procured by Santa Monica-based photographer / photojournalist, Stephanie Salvatore.

Key Lime Whoopie Pies Recipe

Key Lime Whoopie Pies

Key Lime Whoopie Pies - Cinnamon sugar cakes nod to Key Lime pie’s traditional graham-cracker crust. Small, golf-ball-size key limes have a wonderful perfume and bright, complex flavor. If you can't find them, use regular limes instead.

Flourless Chocolate-Walnut Torte Recipe

Flourless Chocolate-Walnut Torte

Snowman Shots Recipe Complete with chocolate, vanilla ice cream scoops, and mini chocolate chips. An easy and delicious holiday treat everyone will love.

Snowman Shots Recipe Easy and Delicious Holiday Treat

Snowman Shooters ~~ These treats are made with a hot fudge, then topped with vanilla ice cream. A way to offer a tiny treat to kids at your holiday party, or even as a teensy two-bite dessert for adults