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Podocarpus elongatus  "Icee Blue"; The first Podocarpus with distinctive blue foliage! New growth is lime-gray-blue maturing to a cool gray-blue-green.  Evergreen. Zone 9-11. Partial to full sun. Slow growing to 15-25 ft. tall by 15-25 ft. wide. Known as yellowwood. South Africa national tree. Its habitat is in riverbeds, surviving much like American cottonwoods on residual moisture deep underground in the dry season. This South African native has produced few cultivars.

Icee Blue® Yellow-Wood

Cool, silvery blue green foliage distinguishes this superior conifer for warmer regions. An elegant tree producing a rounded form with dense pendant branches. Excellent problem solver for dry climates, porous or alkaline soils. Provides lush shade tree or backdrop for more colorful planting. Evergreen. Full sun, part shade. Moderate growth to 15 to 25 feet tall and as wide.

Royal Queen™ Purple - Violet Tubeflower - Iochroma hybrid


Psoralea pinnata "Kool-Aid Bush"

Psoralea pinnata "Kool-Aid Bush"

Specializing in rare and unusual annual and perennial plants, including cottage garden heirlooms and hard to find California native wildflowers.

Antonow's Blue Honey Bush (Melianthus major) - Monrovia. Truly amazing foliage plant.

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Monrovia's Antonow's Blue Honey Bush details and information. Learn more about Monrovia plants and best practices for best possible plant performance.

Skimmia japonica Rubella

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Shop Skimmia Japonica Rubella at J Parkers. A dwarf hardy evergreen Shrub, vibrant red buds in winter and white flowers in spring. Available online in the UK.

Osmanthus "Heaven Sent", with tight clusters of flowers... A compact, sense shrub, versatile as a hedge, on its own or grown in a large container.

Evergreen promise of flowers

RECENTLY, I discussed deciduous shrubs for a spring display. This week, are suggestions of evergreen shrubs for late winter/early spring flowers. While I have mentioned some of these plants individ…

Chime Heavenly Bamboo - Monrovia - Chime Heavenly Bamboo

Chime Heavenly Bamboo

This unique evergreen shrub has exceptionally fine texture and form, belied by its vigor and toughness. Chartreuse green, finely dissected, thread-like leaves turn orange-red in winter. Slowly forms a dense and compact mound, superb in landscape or contai

Emerald Sea Heavenly Bamboo - Monrovia - Emerald Sea Heavenly Bamboo

Emerald Sea Heavenly Bamboo

A new selection with stunning emerald green foliage! Soft and lacy leaves take on an occasional purplish cast. Strong upright habit, with foliage full to the base. Versatile and durable, effective as specimen plant, border or massed for intense color. Eve

Dwarf Pomegranate (Punica granatum 'Nana')

Dwarf Pomegranate (Punica granatum 'Nana') - Buy it Now!

Dwarf Pomegranate (Punica granatum 'Nana') - to 2 feet, This dwarf version of pomegranate makes it the perfect indoor fruiting shrub.

Japanese Ternstroemia (Cleyera)

Ternstroemia gymnanthera (Japanese Ternstroemia) #7 - Wholesale Nursery Grower

Japanese Ternstroemia is an upright, broadleafed, evergreen that makes an excellent screen or hedge. Foliage is extremely glossy, dark green in summer and develops a rich reddish bronze color in winter. Can also be grown as a small specimen tree.

Mountain Fire Pieris

Pieris japonica 'Mountain Fire' (Mountain Fire Pieris) #5 - Wholesale Nursery Grower

Fiery red new growth matures to glossy, deep green. Abundant, bright white, drooping flower clusters in spring. Excellent shrub for foundation plantings or landscape groupings. Evergreen.

Grewiaceae Sparmannia africana

Sparmannia africana (Grewiaceae) image 42897 at

Sparmannia africana Grewiaceae image

Sollya heterophylla Australian bluebells

Sollya heterophylla Australian bluebells


A tender perennial shrub for the conservatory or cool greenhouse, but also makes a superb addition to a bedding display. It has a lax growth habit, so needs to be lightly trimmed or have growth shoots pinched back through the summer to keep it in shape. They can be trained as standards and make an impressive plant when grown in a pot. The leaves are dull green and resemble those of its close relative deadly nightshade. The deep blue flowers appear on new shoots in the leaf joints throughout…