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the words i still remember the nights i pray for the things i have now
a napkin with the words take a look around you and appreciate it nothing will be the same in a year
Take joy in this infographic with this airy book
the little moments aren't little, written on a piece of paper with colored crayons
Little moments
a piece of paper with the words everything written on it
I wanna do anything and everything
two little ducks that are next to each other with words written on the side of them
the words i am discplinned are in brown on a light gray background
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Discipline and consistency is key to growing a successful business ✨
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an open book with the words every day is a gift - even if it sucks
a black and white photo with the words it's your story, honey feel free to hit emmitt a plot twist whenever you want
a handwritten note with the words to not dance when you had the health and music could't be the biggest of your life