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@Regrann from @lilychoinaturalhealing: There is a specific oil that is derived from a nut grown in the South Pacific that has been used for centuries to clear up virtually any skin condition. Its a secret that has been forgotten but the benefits of tamanu oil are now being brought into mainstream beauty. . . Tamanu (pronounced TAW-man-oo) oil  derived from the large blonde nuts of the Ati tree  has been used by natives of South East Asia and the Pacific Islands for centuries as a cure-all for any kind of skin problems.  Tamanu oil contains 3 essential classes of lipids: neutral glyco- and phospholipids. Additionally the oil contains 3 unique and novel compounds: . . Calophyllic acid An anti-inflammatory called calophyllolide An antibiotic called lactone Fiji islanders call the oil dolno which translates to no pain. . . Traditionally the benefits of tamanu oil has been put to many uses including: . . Abrasions Acne Blemishes Wrinkles Blisters Body and foot odor Burns (including chemical and x-ray) Diabetic sores Diaper rash Dry or scaly skin Eczema Herpes sores Insect bites and stings Neuritis and neuralgia Psoriasis Rheumatism Sciatica Shingles Sunburn Tamanu oil has an unusually high capacity for absorption by your skin and a light pleasant aroma. These attributes along with its potent healing activity make tamanu oil an ideal product to use for almost any skin ailment or just as a part of your everyday skin care routine. . . . ______________________ Scaly Skin, Itchy Skin, Skin Conditions, Medical Conditions, How To Treat Eczema, Psoriasis Cure, Eczema Remedies, Tamanu Oil, Acne Blemishes