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an old man sitting on the ground in front of a night sky with stars above him
The Advent Storybook
The Advent Storybook on Behance
an image of the bible movie poster with many people in front of a huge fire
The Advent Storybook
two pieces of bread that are on top of an open book
a menu with an image of a balance scale and the words yom tempur
the menu for an event with two paper airplanes
Jewish Food Hero Newsletter | Substack
Here are the facts at a glance for Purim, along with the related traditional and symbolic Jewish food and meal components. Think of it as gathering the props to set the stage for a meaningful holiday event infused with your own creativity and personal touches. Purim. Jewish Holiday Inspiration
Moses sings a prophetic oracle warning Israel about apostasy to come and the resulting wrath of God. Nebo, Apocalyptic, Deuteronomy, Frightening, Deuteronomy 32, Shabbat Shalom, Read Bible, Portion
Shabbat shalom! This week's portion is Ha'azinu. Click here for the Bible readings and commentary articles. #firstfruitsofzion #ffoz #torahportions #haazinu #songofmoses
a painting of a boy sitting on the ground in front of a window looking out
The Advent Storybook: Abraham's Family – Ian Dale Art & Design
a diagram showing the different types of menorah
a large group of people standing next to each other in front of a mountain range