Awesome circular macrame

Awesome circular macrame-love this colour combination would make a good quilt design/quilted postcard design

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Diamond Sky Meherabad, an 18 inch Ojos de Dios mandala, by Jay Mohler

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⊰❁⊱ Mandala ⊰❁⊱ Heart of the Pentagram , a 18 inch, 10 sided, Ojo de Dios by Jay Mohler

Ojos De Dios Mandala art

Ojos de Dios or God’s Eyes

Ojos de Dios, or God's Eyes, is an ancient form of weaving practiced by many cultures around the world. In the United States, one is more likely to see examples of this art in the south west.

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How to make your own 8 sided Ojo de Dios mandala: Tutorial from Jay Mohler of Ojos de Dios

Ojos de Dios - Woven Mandala Art by Jay Mohler

These Intricate "God's Eyes" Are Absolutely Stunning

The awe-inspiring mandalas are actually Ojos de Dios, Spanish for "eye of God, "which were a popular from of folk art in the southwest in the

Mandala "Gratitude"

Gratitude yarn mandala Ojo de Dios 13 inches 33 by JivaMandalas

Ojos de Dios de Jay Mohler

Purple Mountains, a 24 inch, 12 sided Ojo de Dios mandala, by custom order

10 DIY Yarn Art Ideas for a Creative Touch

10 DIY Yarn Art Ideas for a Creative Touch

Custom Order for Brittany- Emerald Light, a 24 inch, Ojo de Dios mandala, by custom order

Butterfly laser cut leather bracelet | Laser Cut Leather, Leather ...

This stylish laser cut leather bracelet cuff is cut out of high quality leather and it is very light and easy wear using metal snap buttons.