Ideas for when you do the backyard!

firepit ♥ and bench seating. Perfect place in the backyard! Doing this in my backyard!

From moon 2 moon

Places in Paris-Ladder as a plant stand and other goodies at Bluet Coquelicot - Paris, France

Freunde von Freunden — Andrew Trotter & Mari Luz Vidal

Andrew Trotter & Mari Luz Vidal

Freunde von Freunden — Andrew Trotter & Mari Luz Vidal I'm going to save a portion of my bay window ledge for cute cups and bowls from daiso and grow plants in them!

Boedo, mon amour 2

Interiores #77: Cuatro paredes

would love a mini version of this sliding glass door, to close off the loft bedroom area in a tiny house.

Vertical Veg Inspires and supports food growing in small spaces. Raises awareness that you don’t need a garden or allotment to grow food: almost any small space with a few hours of sun can become an attractive and nutritious edible garden.

..extending outdoors

using an old quilt as a tablecloth the transcontinental affair: daydream en Provence.