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Vintage stitched embroidery of embroidery Loved this piece of embroidery. Will have to look for something like it at Canton next time.

Babylon Sisters: Hippie Embroidery

I realized when I saw this that the buttonhole and blanket stitch are probable in my top 5 favorite embroidery stitches ad they are so simple but just look at this!

Knotted Chain Stitch or Braid Stitch Variation - /veraluciasimpli/bordados/    BACK

Stitch Fun: Knotted Chain Stitch

Queen Ann Pillow Cover, Red Linen White Queen Ann Embroidery, Floral Pillow…

Red Pillow cover made with Red Linen Fabric and embroidered with White Queen Ann embroidery. This pillow cover has hidden zipper at the bottom side and Más

Leaves Pillow Cover, Decorative Pillow, Accent Pillow, Couch Pillow, Floral Pillow, Blue Black Linen, Off White Leaves, Embroidered Cushion

Off White Leaves Throw Pillow Cover,Off White Leaves on Blue Black Embroidery, Pillow Accent Black, Cushion Cover 18 x Toss Pillow

°•♥• Декоративные подушки своими руками •♥•°

Green Pillow Cover, Fresh Green Queen Ann Embroidery on Cream Pillow, Linen Embroidered Pillow,Throw Pillow Cover 18 x Cushion Cover