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Hey Weeze, here are some key tattoo ideas. I remember we were talking about you loving key tattoos :)

Siluetas de jaula de pájaros. Silhouette.

Put under parchment paper, trace in (colored) glue, let dry, use as decal, maybe on mirror (or mylar) for our succah.

BRUSHWOOD by Riccardo Sabatini, via Behance

BRUSHWOOD by Riccardo Sabatini, via Behance. Can this be created in a similar way using mechanics and gears?

Proyectos de Transferencia de Gráficos, Hometalk porción comisariada, Rasgos de Interiores Funky basura

Salvaged DIY Whites - what looks junktastic in all things white!

French perfume label, Jn Giraud Fils, vintage French ephemera, eau de lavande, lavender water perfume label, free vintage label graphic great for image transfer! Print in reverse on a laser printer and use Artisan Enhancements Transfer Gel!

Here is beautiful vintage French perfume label. It is a tall, narrow label that was prepared for Jn. Giraud Fils' Eau de Lavande (a lavender perfumed water),