Goodies Box from Paper Cups - the princess and the frog party

Animales con vasos d plastico

Gift box made with paper cups - would make a fun favour idea for a birthday…

Ballena hecha con tarrina de helado vacía

A tenger réme papírpohárból - Goodies Box from Paper Cups

Puppet bird | Badut

Hjemmelavet marionetdukke fugl (Badut)

5 DiY to Try this Weekend: Playing with Birds Fall has arrived and some birds migrate to warmer climes. Others remain with us. Here are 5 DIY toys about birds: some.

Balaam’s Donkey This craft will help the kiddos remember to always listen to what God says and not be as stubborn as Balaam. And like Balaam’s donkey, to always speak up when it comes to standing up for Gods truth.



más y más manualidades: Forma figuras con corazones de papel

Heart Hippo ~ Valentines Craft for Kids zoo


Wedding Idea: invite 1000 guests and have them all fold you one! "There is an old Japanese tradition that if you fold a 1000 origamis and have them at your wedding, you will have 1000 years of good luck and prosperity.

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